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How Excess Weight Affects Your Health

How Excess Weight Affects Your Health

Excess Weight Affects Your Health – The excess fat on your body does not only ruin your figure but increases your risk of many serious health issues.  If you are carrying extra fat on your body, you are prone to various dangerous diseases, including diabaetes, stroke, heart problems, cancer, and depression, etc. Eliminating extra and bad fat from your body is the only way to avoid or minimize these issues.


Obesity and excess weight have a remarkable effect on the body’s capacity to produce insulin. There is a high possibility of the general type of diabetes and type 2 diabetes with obesity. This is caused by pressure on the insulin-producing pancreatic islet cells that are damaged by excess fat. The dangerous blend of insulin confrontation, fat toxicity, and inherited predisposition can cause malfunction and death of islet cells.


Hypertension or high blood pressure is another common health risk associated with excess fat. Obesity increases the workload of the heart – it has to pump more blood to maintain the circulation that leads to the stress of arteries and subsequently results in blood pressure or hypertension.

Breathing Problem

Breathing issue is another common health problem caused by excess fat. For an overweight person, it is not convenient to move around conveniently. It creates issues with breathing whenever a person does anything. Fat on the abdomen area pressurize the diaphragm and chest wall, which make it difficult for lungs to load with air, ultimately it results in breathing issues.

Obstructive sleep apnoeaSleep or rest

People, who extra fat near the neck area, can have the problem of Obstructive sleep apnoea. Extra fat on the neck portion enhances the collapsibility of the air channel to the lung, especially while sleeping. A person is not able to enjoy a sound sleep as the drop of blood oxygen tells a person to wake up and breathe in.

Heart attack and stroke

As mentioned above, excess weight can increase the workload of your heart. A heavy body requires a high amount of blood. In place of beating frequently, the heart develops somewhat bigger to bring more blood with each beat. It leads to hypertension that is the main reason behind heart attack and other heart-related issues.

Risk of cancer

Obesity and excess fat can increase the possibility of cancer – especially breast cancer. The connection of extra fat and cancer is not clear yet, but many types of research are going on over it.

High cholesterol

Quickly Lower Blood Cholesterol

The body should produce cholesterol in a balanced amount to carry out various metabolic practices. But it has been observed that overweight people high triglyceride and low HDL-cholesterol that is good cholesterol.  In such situation, the cleaning function does not take place and accumulate bad cholesterol.


Osteoarthritis is a health problem that grounds pain and inflexibility in the joints. Extra weight can put extra stress on the joints and cartilage, leading them to wear out. Usually, overweight people have higher blood level that results in inflammation that triggers the threat of Osteoarthritis.

Losing weight is not an easy process, but to avoid these health issues and even more, it is crucial.

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