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How to Fix Weak (poor) Digestion?

How to Fix Weak (poor) Digestion?

Proper digestion is crucial for all people whether they are working out or not. Poor digestion is a severe health problem it can also lead to many other unrelated diseases. There are two things which can apparently happen, first is your are eating food and going to the toilet for many times i.e. diarrhea, and the other thing is you have food, but the toilet is not coming regularly, i.e. constipation problem. To improve these things your digestive system should be good.

Many factors are associated with this like athletes or body builders takes meal many times a day, but due to improper digestion the nutrients from the food is not properly extracted by the enzymes, and that food comes out from the body in the form of waste. Digestive system must work properly whether you are working out or office going.

Bacterial Imbalance: In our body, bacteria are present in our gut. The bacterial imbalance is in our intestine track, as you know that there is Small intestine and large intestine.

  •    Small Intestine: Food is broken and then went to the small intestine and from there it all the way goes to our body organs, muscles by moving through blood vessels.
  •    Large Intestine: Waste from the body comes out from the large intestine. If the food is not digested properly, then it comes to the large intestine and then comes out from there. Food that comes out from the large intestine is a waste.

In our stomach two types of bacteria are there:

Good Bacteria- 85% of bacteria in our body are good bacteria. These are helpful in breaking sugar, starch, fiber rich foods and helps in absorbing and digestion of these. In the present scenario, people have alcohol, smokes, nutrient deficient food. These food items produce toxins which can lead to the destruction of good bacteria. If good bacteria are not present in the stomach, then there will be improper digestion and absorption. To improve good bacteria in your body, you must incorporate some food items in your diet:

  • Yogurt: It is very helpful because it is rich in probiotic. It helps in raising healthy bacteria.
  • Sour pickles
  • Kefir
  • Soft Chesses
  • Miso soup
  • Sauerkraut
  • Sourdough Bread

Bad bacteria– Remaining 15% bacteria in our body are bad bacteria.

Enzyme Deficiency: Now what do enzymes do? These are helpful for breaking down food into our stomach, like breaking down of carbs to glucose, protein into amino acid and fat into fatty acids. The process of breaking down of food is done by enzymes. Now, if you have enzymes deficiency, then there is enormous pressure on your pancreas for breaking down your food. Your pancreas becomes overloaded. The pancreas can break food to some threshold, after that your food will not digest and then it will become waste. So, you must incorporate some food items in your body that are rich in enzymes:

  • Raw vegetables
  • Fruits: Papaya, Pineapple, kiwi, bananas
  • Miso
  • Tempeh
  • Soy Sauce
  • Kefir

Another thing which you must consider is to chew your food properly. We have seen that many people do not eat their food properly. When you chew your food properly, enzymes present in food and our saliva breaks food, this whole process is called pre-digestion. If you do not chew your food properly then full pressure comes to your stomach to break that food. So you must chew your food bite by bite. Do not eat your food rapidly. This is also the main reason in improper digestion.

In the other case, if the waste is not coming out from your body. It is all due to the absence of fiber in your diet which leads to constipation problem. If your food has less fiber, then hard stool will come out of your body after 2-3 days which is not good for health. To improve your digestion you must incorporate the food items listed above. So, that all about how to improve weak digestion? For more stuff like this Stay connected


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