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Top Healthy Snacks ideas for Students and Working people

Top Healthy Snacks ideas for Students and Working people

Top Healthy Snacks ideas – In the present scenario, most of the young generation and even old age people go to the gym. They all have some goal in their mind whether some want to gain weight, some want to reduce fat, some want to get ripped. Now, to achieve their goal they follow some nutrition plan. But now what happens is there may arise a problem for the office going people, for college going boys or even when they are traveling to get proper diet as per the plan.

Now, for those who have a lot of work to do, there is no time to cook food or their schedule is so hectic. We are listing some of the items that you can take while going to the office, college or traveling if you don’t have time to prepare your meal.

List of top healthy snacks you can have:

Here, we are listing three meals which you can incorporate into your diet:

1) Fruits

 In the fruits department, you can have

Apple: Like you, all are familiar with the quote “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” An apple contains many essential nutrients and minerals. So you must introduce apple in your daily diet.

100 gm of Apple contains 4% carbs, potassium, carbs, Vitamin-c.

Banana: 100gm of it contains: 10% potassium, 7% total carbs, Vitamin-c and Vitamin-B6 and some amount of magnesium.

Orange: 100gm of it contains: 5% potassium, 4% total carbs, Vitamin-c (88%) and Vitamin-B6 (5%) and some amount of magnesium.

Pear: 100gm of it contains: 3% potassium, 5    % total carbs, Vitamin-c (7%).

Peach: 100gm of it contains: 5% potassium, 3% total carbs, Vitamin-c (11%) and some amount of magnesium.

All of these are available at all time of year.

2) Nuts

Now in nuts, you can have all of the written nuts below:

  • Peanuts
  • Cashew
  • Walnuts
  • Almonds

Remember not to take salted or roasted nuts in any case, because salted ones can increase your blood pressure and roasted can increase your blood pressure and can increase your blood cholesterol level. You can take 28 gm of each while going to the office, college.

3) Whey protein

You can also carry one scoop of whey protein. Along with whey protein, you can also have a protein bar. You can purchase protein bar from the market, or you can also make it at home.

Now, how can you have this by making their combined serving? For, e.g.

  • One orange + 1 Protein Bar
  • One apple + cashew
  • Peanut + Banana and protein

At what time you have to take this?

You can take 1st serving in the morning after breakfast and 2nd serving around 11-12 Am and the 3rd serving around 3-5 pm. You can also repeat these servings at any time. You can choose any of the combined meal as per your need. After your workout, you can have Whey protein or protein X.

So, these are the snacks that can be introduced in the diet. All these meals can be easily fit in a small bag; these items will not occupy more space in the bag. If anyone goes for workout daily, then he/she can add whey protein to their daily meals, if not then, they can skip whey protein also. So that was all about the snacks that you can be incorporated if you are office, college going, or you are traveling somewhere. For more health tips, Stay Connected.

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