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Benefits of Healthy food for Growing Children

Benefits of Healthy food for Growing Children

When the child is growing and starts to go school at that times the nutrition needs of the child is very high. The life of the child becomes active as he/she have to go to school, need to work after getting back from school, performing any physical activity in school or at home, so, a child needs to get a very healthy diet to keep growing healthy without any health problems.

Here below are some of the points that you must keep in mind before giving anything to your child:

What to give?

At a younger age, children need a healthy and a balanced diet containing starchy food, vegetables, and fruits. You must encourage your child to choose from a variety of fruits and veggies to get proper nutrients.

Remember to include these foods:

Citrus fruit:

Oranges, lemon, potatoes, tomatoes are all good source of Vitamin c which is very good for the immune system

Calcium-rich food:

Nuts, milk, cheese, soya, yogurt, soybeans. All of these foods are rich in calcium which is very good for healthy teeth and bones.

• Breakfast cereals, oily fish, and margarine –

These foods are good sources of vitamin D, which helps to keep bones healthy.

• Protein-rich food:

Eggs, beans, chicken, beef, and fish are all rich sources of protein and one of most needed macro for day to day life.

Foods to limit

So, there are some sorts of drinks and foods that can harm the health of your child. So, the child must be kept away from these food materials as much as he/she can.

Sweets and snacks

Snack foods such as chocolate, sweets, cake, biscuits all of these are high in sugar and the other is saturated fat which is not good for our body. These sugary foods are extremely dangerous if taken daily. These are low in vitamin and minerals. If your children eat these foods than:

• Tell your child to only eat them occasionally.
• Encourage your child t to brush their teeth twice in a day.
• Always check the nutrition label before purchasing anything from the market, if the food material is rich in sugars and saturated then strictly stay away from that food.
• Can have a sweet day like in the weekend or something.


Packaged drinks are extremely no for the child. It includes any soft drinks, juices, lassi. These are rich in sugars and many other things which is not good for the health especially teeth health. Ask, your child to abandon all the packaged drinks and ask him/her to drink water often.


There’s no need to add salt to your child’s food. The maximum amount of salt your child should have depended on their age. As a guide:
• four to six years – 3g a day
• seven to ten years – 5g a day
• 11 years upwards – 6g a day

Healthy weight

You must take care of the child weight; it should be according to the height. If you are encouraging your child to stay away from the food that contains sugar and saturated fats then also asks him to go for any physical activity to keep their body healthy. By doing this their body weight will become balanced.

Getting enough iron

Good sources of iron include:

• wholegrain cereals
• leafy green vegetables such as spinach and watercress
• pulses
• dried apricots or figs

Remember, eating foods containing vitamin C with iron-rich foods, might make it easier to absorb iron from our food.
So, that was all for the Benefits of Healthy food for Growing Children. For more stuff like this Please follow our website.

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