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Best Ways To Get Rid of Loose Skin Naturally

Best Ways To Get Rid of Loose Skin Naturally

Ways To Get Rid of Loose Skin Naturally – Now, you have worked hard to remove that extra fat from your body. But now what you are left with is extra skin, which is not going back to normal. Now you have worked hard in your workout to reduce fat but what to do for the excess skin that is left. Skin tightening is the hottest topic in MIT in 2016, As they have reported that new material was created to tighten the skin temporarily.

Why Skin gets loose after weight loss?

Skin is an elastic organ. Yes, your are reading it right skin is also an organ as other organs in our body. It consists of cells. Now skin expands as we move and stretch and shrinks as we lose some pounds from our body.

Loose skin depends upon the weight loss either it is normal or at an extreme level like you have reduced massive pounds. Now, the skin left is the natural skin, which cannot be naturally removed. Skin left is dead; it cannot get back to normal. Because there is no blood flow is there it is almost dead and will never get back. Now, to remove that loose skin you have to go for surgery. Here we are only saying in case of massive weight lose. Like around 50% of the body weight.

It’s not only the weight loss that affects our body more other individual factors affect the loose skin like smoking

  • Sun exposure
  • Dehydration
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Age

How to tighten loose skin after weight loss?

As you are going to lose body weight, then don’t get panic after seeing your skin, it will get back to normal after some time.

1) Do not lose weight quickly

Do not go for quick body fat lose. Because you will be adopting extreme nutrition and will lose fat quickly but your skin will not get back that quickly.

2) Vitamin-C Rich Food

Now, take food that is rich in Vitamin-C. Because Vitamin-C rich food is very healthy for our skin. Here are the list of items where you can get the Vitamin-C

  • Orange,
  • Lemon
  • Capsicum
  • Bell paper
  • Pineapple

3) Food rich in Omega-3

As you, all know that Omega-3 is very beneficial for our heart and body. Similarly, it is excellent for our skin. So, here is the list of food items where you can get Omega-3. Flaxseed, chia seed, fish, fish oil, sees me seed, chicken breast, seeds, and nuts

4) Stay Hydrated

Drink Water

Drink Water

To maintain the skin elasticity, you need water. Water plays a vital role in skin tightening. You must have 3-4 liters of water every day.

5) Proper care of Skin

Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips

Proper care for skin is a must if you want to tighten it up. Daily exfoliation of skin is necessary to remove the dead skin cells and helps in proper circulation of blood in skin cells. Along with that, you can also use skin tightening creams or natural creams like Aloe Vera, yeast extract, soy protein, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-A, Vitamin-E.

Surgery for loose skin

If you have reduced around 50% of your body weight. Then you must have left dead skin, and you must have to opt for the surgery. In women, after the pregnancy, the skin gets back to tighten. Skin elasticity is reduced year by year. It gets worse when you become old.

Now, you can go for surgery if you have lost almost 50% of your body weight because in that condition your skin will not get tighten automatically. If you have reduced around 15-20%, then it will get easily tighten. Now, for more health tips Stay Connected 

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