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A Better Way to Deal with Tight Hamstrings

A Better Way to Deal with Tight Hamstrings

Tight hamstrings are not only painful, but they can limit your autonomy of movement and athletic performance. It is risky to get involved in any physical activity with tight hamstrings. If you have this issue, don’t be upset. It is a common issue and happens to many. Old injury, low flexibility on the back of the pelvis, and a usual temperament towards tightness are some common reasons behind tight hamstrings. But, the good news is you can deal with this issue. You need to follow some strategies to make your hamstrings flexible and get rid off from pain and aches. With some simple methods, you can get the flexibility back and perform various activities without any trouble.

Reasons behind tight hamstrings and the methods to fix them

Having tight hamstrings does not necessarily mean that your body does not have potential to carry out some moves. This issue can be the result of some trouble with your posterior chain. If you regularly sit for long hours, you are prone to this issue. Here are some conditions that can affect the flexibility of the hamstrings.

  • Your gastrocnemius muscles go across the knee joint, so constraints can make your knees straighter with complexity than it should be.
  • The correlation from your hip muscles can influence easiness in which your pelvis slopes. As a result, it can influence the ability of your body to twist conveniently.
  • Fascial association between your muscle groups can also lead to tight hamstrings.
  • The joint constraints at your lower back and pelvis can enhance the stress in the legs and hips.

Any of the above-mentioned issues and combinations of all can lead to a mobility issue. To fix this issue and associated symptoms, you need to do some stretches. Here are some stenches that may help you to recover fast.

The best method to contend with tightness in your hamstrings is to add flexibility efforts to relax your quads and targeted hamstring potency job.  Buy a foam roll and compress your quads regularly until you get relief. To get better results, roll out each quad individually.

Go down on your knees for quad Stretch. Move toward to a half-kneeling pose with your right knee on the flooring below your hips and your left foot on the flooring in front of you. Grip the right foot or ankle and drag it nearer to your hips with your right hand. Afterward, go under the stretch.

Lie down on your belly with your right elbow below your right shoulder while keeping the forearm at a similar position in your upper body. After that, curve your left knee and get in touch with back with your left hand to touch the left foot. Now, compress your pubic bone behind the floor while retaining your left knee spotting in a straight line at the back.

There are various flexibility techniques and it is recommended to try one at one time. Don’t force your muscles and work on them harder to improve the flexibility. Doing so can cause more trouble for your muscles.


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