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Can Beer Give You a Big Tummy

Can Beer Give You a Big Tummy

Effect Of Beer On Health – Can Beer Give You a Big Tummy – It is most known fact that drinking beer gives your big belly this is also known as a beer belly. But here we will talk about weather bee causes belly fat or not.

What is beer?



This is an alcoholic drink made from Barley wheat or rye. Since our natural where is bitter in taste, so the balancing out the sweetness the sugar contents in it bare added. Now here below are the steps for making beer.

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1) Malting: In this step, the grains are heated first. After that, they are dried and then cracked.

2) Mashing: Now after malting the grains are soaked in water so that sugar in it can be released. After the whole of this process, the sticky liquid is left which is called “wort.”

3) Boiling: Now when the wort is left it is then boiled with added hops to give it a flavor.

4) Fermenting: Now in this process yeast is added to the mix and then wort id fermented to form carbon dioxide and alcohol.

5) Bottling: Now, after all the above processes beer produced is bottled.

Now, the power or we can say the strength of the beer can be measured by the percentage of alcohol present in it. Now that is measured by ABV (alcohol by volume). It calculated the amount of alcohol in 100ml of drink.

The alcohol content of beer depends on the company or brand. It can range from 0.5% to all the way up to 40%. But in normal, there is 5-6% of alcohol is there in the beer. The main types of beer include wheat beer, pale ale, stout, mild and the most popular beer, lager.

Nutritional Facts:

Now the nutritional value of beer varies by the type of beer. Now we are writing the average calculations. Now here below is for a 335ml serving of beer, with approx 4% alcohol content.

  •    Calories: 153
  •    Protein: 2 grams
  •    Fat: 0 grams
  •    Alcohol: 14 grams
  •    Carbohydrates: 13 grams

   In addition to this beer also contains a few micronutrients like magnesium, potassium, and sodium. These are available in it in a small amount. If you want to have these micronutrients in adequate amount, then you have to consume beer in huge amount.

Beer contains seven calories per gram. Now, the point worth to be noted is that the beer with high alcohol percentage contains more calories in it. And in addition to that higher protein and carbs but lower than fat.

What are ways that beer may cause belly fat?

Beer Gives a Fat Belly

Beer Gives a Fat Belly

 Now, there are three ways by which beer may lead to your increase in body fat. All this include excess calorie consumption, growth in phytoestrogen content of your diet and preventing your body from burning fat. Now, here below are the ways through which beer can lead to increase in body fat.

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1) Prevention of fat burning

 Now after drinking alcohol, your body prioritizes the breakdown of alcohol over the other things present in your body. So, thereby leads to increase in stored fats. So, if you are taking beer daily, then it can lead to increase in body fat.

2) The increase in calorie intake

 Now the beer contains as many calories as that of soft drink so that it will add a huge number of calories to your body. As per the studies drinking alcohol can also lead to increase in appetite and causes you to eat more and more

3) Phytoestrogen content

The flowers of the hope that gives flavor to the beer are very high in Phytoestrogens, which lead to increase in female hormone in our body that is estrogen.

Now, if you have beer daily, then you are at high risk of getting belly fat. To minimize this risk, you have to limit your alcohol intake. For more healthy tips Stay Connected  

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