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How To Cure Hemorrhoids (piles) Problem?

How To Cure Hemorrhoids (piles) Problem?

Hemorrhoids: It is the dilated veins of rectum and anus which occurs due to increased pressure in the rectal veins. Blood comes along with the stool which is very painful. It has four stages i.e.: 1,2,3,4. There are lots of veins and arteries are there in the rectum. When blood vessels get inflamed, then this problem occurs. When stool is passed from the anus, if in case stool is hard then you will feel pain due to the swelling and inflammation of the blood vessels. Here we are demonstrating the different stages hemorrhoids.

Stage 1: This is a regular stage. Stool usually passes in this stage. Your veins will become inflamed at this point.

Stage 2: Hemorrhoids starts to come out at this stage.

Stage 3: In this stage, it will get out from the anus, and you can feel this by touching it.

Stage 4: In this stage, it will get massively out of your anus, this is the intimidating stage for the patient. If you are at stage 4, then you must visit a doctor. If you are at stage 1, 2, 3, and then you can also put Hemorrhoids back inside the anus with your finger. Hemorrhoids are two types:

Internal hemorrhoids: We cannot touch internal hemorrhoids at all.

External hemorrhoids: We can touch them.

Today, we are going to demonstrate you the nutrition plan to prevent hemorrhoids problem. Almost 15 % of people around the world are facing this problem. Many people are suffering from this issue like the people above 35 age. We will provide nutritional tips, by this you don’t need to take any medication after that.

High Fiber Diet: You must have to introduce high fiber diet. This will lead to proper ball movement. If you are suffering from constipation then your stool will be hard, it will stretch veins while coming out of anus and veins will start to bleed, and you will feel severe pain. So, you have to add high fiber diet for proper digestion and absorption.

Food Items Rich In Fiber

Food Items Rich In Fiber

  • Brown Rice
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Whole wheat pasta
  • Vegetables
  • Seeds
  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Broccoli
  • Peas
  • Brussels Sprouts

If you are taking potatoes, dairy products, eggs, meat, white rice then there is a certain deficiency of fiber in your body.

Daily Dose: 25-30gm. (5-7gm per meal)

Drink water as much as you can. It will help in proper ball movement.

Cold compressed ice: You can take cloth of size handkerchief and fill it with ice and the put that ice on external

Apple cider vinegar: You have to apply apple cider vinegar on external Hemorrhoids by using cotton. For internal Hemorrhoids, you have to drink apple cider vinegar by adding water to it. It will reduce inflammation.

Soaking cold or warm water: You can sit in cold-hot water in your house. It will help in shrinking that blood vessel.

Aloe Vera: It is critical in curing Hemorrhoids. It has anti-inflammatory property. When you will cut the aloe Vera. The gel which comes out from that, you have to take it and apply it on external Hemorrhoids.

Lemon Juice: You can squeeze lemon and can use on external Hemorrhoids. You can also drink it two to three times by adding honey or water to it. It will pass through the intestine and the help in reducing pain.

Olive oil: You must take olive oil in your food, and you can also apply on the infected area also. It is also high in anti-inflammatory. So, you must have this in the diet.

Do not sit in the jacuzzi tub.

Do not go for swimming in cold water

So, that’s all are the remedies that you may follow to cure this problem at stage three instead of facing any medical surgery. For more such health tips Stay Connected 🙂

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