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10 Food Items to eat for Mood Boost

10 Food Items to eat for Mood Boost

10 Food Items to eat for Mood Boost – In case you’re feeling blue—or need to avoid feeling that route—there is a few nourishment to consider your eating routine that may offer assistance. These food items propose that the accompanying nourishment may help diminish pressure, ease tension and battle sorrow. See which sound nourishments after eating can help you to support your disposition.

#1 Brazil nuts

  • They are best sources of mineral selenium, and the studies have also shown that many people who have low mineral selenium have enhanced rates of irritability, depression, anxiety and tiredness.
  • You just need to takes 3 Brazil nuts for getting the RDA of selenium.

#2 Oily fish

  • People who are deficient in the omega-3 fatty acids might also be susceptible to low mood and depression, as per to the research, as the fatty acids make a huge percentage of the brain tissue. Eating salmon, sardines, and mackerel frequently will keep the brain healthy and will also improve the mood by keeping the brain cells to be flexible; hence the chemical of the brain’s– neurotransmitters – will also work effectively.

#3 Oats

Oat Meals

Oat Meals

They are wonderful mood booster for their low GI, they gradually release the energy into the bloodstream, that keeps the blood sugar level and mood to be stable as Oats contain mood-enhancing mineral selenium.

#4 Bananas

It consists of amino acid tryptophan and vitamins A, C and B6, fiber, phosphorous, potassium, iron as well as carbohydrate. The carbohydrates of Mood-boosting helps in absorption of the tryptophan in the brain, while the vitamin B6 assist in converting tryptophan into serotonin, which is a mood-lifting hormone.

#5 Lentils

They are complex carbohydrates just like the bananas; they help to increase production of the brain of a feel-good neurotransmitter such as serotonin. It results in the calmer and happier mind state with less anxiety. The Lentils even help to stabilize blood sugar levels by keeping the mood stable.

#6 Chicken

Chicken breast helps to increase the intake of amino acid tryptophan, which your body uses for making serotonin – the most vital neurotransmitters about mood. It even helps to make melatonin hormone that regulates sleep. The Lean poultry contains an amino acid known as tyrosine that helps to reduce the symptoms of depression and even help to avoid feeling blue.

#7 Spinach

Specific deficiencies of B vitamins are linked to depression, like serotonin production may be hindered with low levels of vitamin B. Spinach and Broccoli consist of folate, vitamins B3, B12, and B6.

#8 Cereal



Calcium helps to reduce the levels of anxiety and stress, and the breakfast cereals are a wonderful source, such as prawns, tofu, cooked spinach, and sardines.

#9 Dark chocolateSugar causes cavities and destroys your teeth

The reason why the dark chocolate seems to make the mood and things better is that a small piece of chocolate causes your brain to release the endorphin hormone and to boost the levels of serotonin.

#10 Crabs

In spite of diligent myths actually, crabs don’t make you fat and they can lift your mood. In another review in the Archives of Internal Medicine, crabs help in releasing mental pressure and improve your metabolism.

These food items are a great way to boost your mood when you are feeling low. So take a pick and have a bite of one of these tasty food items.

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