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How to Detox Your Body

How to Detox Your Body

Detox Your Body – Today we are going to tell you how to detox your body. In our daily life, a lot of toxins get into our body through many ways like:

  •    Pollution
  •    Fried food
  •    Alcohol
  •    Smoke
  •    Dust
  •    Makeup

Every day an enormous amount of toxins enter into our body, so we need to eliminate these toxins from the body. We will tell you about the simple drinks that you can make it in your home. Remember to take these immediately when you wake up in the morning right after you have to brush your teeth. Here below are the two drinks that you can have:

Drink 1: By using Lemon Water.

We all have taken Lemon water in summer. As you know, lemon consists of vitamin-c, which helps in boosting the immune system and helps in detox your body. But in that lemon water, we used to add sugar. But here we don’t have to add sugar to it. You all have to make it simple and to drink it first in the morning. Here below is the method to prepare lemon water drink to detox your body:

1) Take a glass of hot water.

2) Add half lemon (organic lemon: preferred to have because these are free from any pesticides) by squeezing it, or you can also add slices on the top of the glass.

Organic Lemon: Now, if you are purchasing it from the market in India. You will find almost all of lemons non-organic. Pesticides are sprayed on lemons. Wash lemon properly before using it. A colossal amount of pesticide is present in the root of the lemon. Remove root of the lemon and then can use it by squeezing it or by cutting it into slices.

3) If you have dropped the slices in the water, then let it there for 2-3 minutes for proper mixing of citrus in the water.

Now, if you have a sour throat, cough, and cold flue, then you can add honey to it. You can add organic honey because that is free from any other preservatives; this can be only added for the people suffering from above-written problems. You can have this drink every day or 6 days in a week

Drink 2: Detox your body with juicing:

Here we are providing a recipe for making juice which will help in detox your body. The primary benefit of juice is it reaches to your skin through blood.


  •    3 Carrots: It is superb for our eyes, and is rich in Vitamin A.
  •    Apple (1/3rd): It contains dietary fiber.
  •    Lemon (1/3rd): Rich in Vitamin-C and helps in boosting the immune system.
  •    Ginger (half an inch): It is anti-inflammatory. It is ideal for absorption and helpful in facing pain in shoulder, knee or any other pain.

Add all of the above items in the juicer mixer and take out juice from it.

This juice should be your first thing in the morning. You will get all the healthy nutrients and minerals in the morning which helps your body to reboot and to remove toxins from your body.

So, that was our two drinks that can help in eliminating toxins and provide essential nutrients to our body. For more health tips. Please Stay Connected


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