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How to Prevent Gray Hair

How to Prevent Gray Hair

Prima Facie, we would like to tell you about this problem and then will tell you about the methods or diet to prevent gray hair. First of all, if you are aged or your age >30 then you cannot change anything because it is pure natural. But now we are talking about the people below age 30 or in young age. Nowadays many young people have gray hair. Your look depends upon your hair.

What are the reasons behind gray color hair?

Many people still do not know the reasons behind this. Now, we will tell you some of the reasons here down below:

  1. Smoking: Smoking is the primary cause behind gray hair
  2. Alcohol: Similar to smoking these also does affect our hair.
  3. Junk Food: Due to the use of bad oils and bad materials.
  4. Stress level: Stress at the young time makes your hair color gray. It is the primary and the powerful reason of gray hair.

What to do?

Now, here we are going to tell you to how to prevent gray hair.

1) Black Gooseberries (Amla)

 It is very effective in preventing gray hair. Here below is the recipe that you can homemade:

a-Take 2-3 Amla and then add to coconut oil

B-Heat them in the pan till they become black.

c-Then put this solution in your bowl and implement or massage your hair with this solution.

D-Implement this whole procedure three times a week. It will prove very beneficial for your hair.

2) Coconut oil

 You have to massage your hair daily. Our recommendation is to use it for the night and let it left on your head for the whole night. In the next morning, you can wash your hair. Massage of coconut oil must be done on daily purpose to prevent gray hair problem.

3) Ginger recipe

 Here below is the other recipe that can also be made:

a- Take 1/4 inch ginger and chop it into small pieces.

b-Add 1tbsp of honey to it and mix them thoroughly.

It will not taste bitter to you due to the presence of honey in it.

4) Biotin-rich food

 Many people have a deficiency of biotin. It plays a vital role in preventing gray hair. You can have it from egg-yolk after cooking, tomatoes, walnuts, oats, and almonds. You can do check your biotin level from the laboratory if in case biotin level is less you can also add supplementation also.

Daily Dose: 300-2500 MCG (micro-gram).

What to avoid?

  1. Hot water: Do not wash your head with hot water.
  2. Less use of hair products: Please wash your head before going to sleep. There should be no chemicals in them like spray, hair cream, hair gel, serums, etc. Only use good hair products.
  3. Wet hair: This is for women like when their hair are wet, do not tie them.
  4. Straighter and blow dryer: Do not use these in daily routine. If you are using this in your daily routine, then there will be a problem for your hair. Due to this, hair becomes weak and thin and starts to fall off.

You must add all the things in your food and also apply massage to your hair. White or gray hair also depends on genetics. In India majority of people face this hair white or green problem after the age of 30, and there is different in the average age of other countries also like in Americans their hair tends to white or gray after 40 years of age, and for Asians, it’s 35. It all depends on rays in different locations. Do try all the things written above and check the results. So, that’s all about how to prevent gray hair. For more health tips like this. Stay Connected 🙂

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