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How to eat out on a low-FODMAP diet Healthy Food Guide?

How to eat out on a low-FODMAP diet  Healthy Food Guide?

By doing a scientific research, it is found that the low-FODMAP diet can result in the release of IBS symptoms. FODMAP is the kind of food result the bowel to distend by releasing the fluid or gas.

The FODMAP generally stands for:

F: fermentable, break down by the bacteria
O: Oligosaccharides such as fructans and galacto-oligosaccharides
D: Disaccharides, such as lactose
M: Monosaccharides
A: And
P: Polyols

If you are visiting a restaurant and eating low FODMAP, this is not less than a dreadful. With this article, we help you in eating low-FODMAP diet.

# Selecting the restaurants :

This is the most important step for safe dining options. Go to that restaurant that offers a vast range of gluten free meal. It’s not like avoiding the gluten; it is about stop using the wheat that is the richest source of oligosaccharides. It is found that the Thai offering restaurant makes their food that is low in FODMAP. One can also go for Japanese and Chinese restaurant as they provide rice-based cuisine. Along with this, you can also have meat, potato and salad dishes.

# Go for low-FODMAP meal :

The nutritionists suggest having salad along with the lemon juice and olive oil. You can eat salad in your lunch or dinner. Also add dried fruit, onions, apple, mushrooms and cashews to increase the taste. Strictly avoid avocado and chickpeas. Having Sushi can also be the good FODMAP option. For your meal, one can have a small amount of soy sauce. If you add avocado in the Sushi rolls, it can minimize the serving size. Avoid taking tempura as it is also prepared from wheat.

Having steak along with the vegetables can be the best option as a low FODMAP. Before having it, check that steak is pre-marinated. You can also go for chicken, beef or fish along with the seasonings. Looking for another option? Then, go for omelette having low-FODMAP. Never drink milk, have onion, spices or flour.

Choose gluten free pasta together with olive oil and low FODMAP cheese as your meal. On having French fries or potato wedges, always check the seasoning. Pizza is a big no-no, but still if want to have it, then order gluten free pizza. On looking the menu if you don’t like it, then never feel ashamed to order something off from the menu.

# Always be organized :

Give a call to the restaurant and select the one that serve dietary requirements. Don’t order without thinking and do not choose the one that you don’t like on the menu. On reaching the restaurant, you can previously tell them what kind of food you want.
Food to be avoided

• Do not take sauces and salad as they contain hidden FODMAPs.
• Stop taking hamburger because it has minced meat.
• Cream based sauces or sour cream should not be taken as they contain high levels of FODMAPs.
• Also, pre-marinated meats should be cut off from your menu as these have hidden FODMAPs.

The choice is totally yours, whether you want to have a healthy diet or the one that has high FODMAPs value.

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