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5 Foods to Avoid this Monsoon Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

5 Foods to Avoid this Monsoon Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

Who doesn’t like monsoon? The rain, hot food, and earthy smell just take away the heart. Hey, stop right here! Have we written about the food? The monsoon brings several infections and flu with it. The common source of infection is food also. So, it is vital to protect ourselves from any kind of infections.

Here, we are listing some of the foods that are a strict no-no in the rainy season.

# 1. Leafy vegetable

Throughout our life, we tell about the significance of the leafy green vegetables. But, in monsoon, it is best to avoid it. In this season, they become damp and grime, thus highly susceptible to the germs. If you are not eating spinach, cabbage, and cauliflower, then you are an intelligent person. Instead of them, you can have a bitter gourd, tori, tinda, and ghiya. Follow the rules of cooking that are to wash the vegetables properly.

# 2. Avoid roadside food and fresh juices

Never eat the food, which has the largest exposure to the monsoon air, such as roadside food time. We agree that they are really tasty, but avoid them for this season. Also, do not drink the juice taken out by the vendors. Rather, prepare it at home and consume quickly. There is one suggestion, even if you are at home, then do not leave the fruits cut open for a prolonged period. The reason is the chances of contamination.

# 3. Seafood

Say goodbye to the seafood in the monsoon. Fish and prawns taste yummy, but in spite of them, you can eat chicken and mutton to suppress your hunger of non-vegetarian food. If you are eating the seafood, make sure that you eat the fresh one.

#4. Fried food

It is an absolute food that we must avoid in the monsoon time. The science is the reason behind this. The humid condition results in indigestion and slows down the metabolism of the food. Therefore, the experts suggest staying away from all the fried food. This can lead to gastronomical complications. Additionally, do not consume salty food that causes retention of body fluid.

#5. Cold drinks

The intake of fizzy drinks minimizes the minerals present in the body. This, in turn results in decreasing of enzyme activity. If you are already having weak digestion, then strictly says no to these drinks. You can keep a bottle of lemon water or plain water to kill your thrust. We assure that your stomach will thank you. Along with this, you can go easy with the dairy products that can affect the digestion.

In conclusion, we have discussed 5 foods that should be removed from your meal schedule. You can go for a meal that is light to your digestive system. Along with food, do some physical exercise to avoid extra moisture. Always keep up the hygienic condition for avoiding any kind of infection. As the season brings infections, so keep a check on ear infection, flu, eye infection and common cold. Take care of yourself and your loved one in this monsoon season.

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